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WarHeads HotHeads

I worked under the direction of Jeff Stevens at Pixel Farm and their friends at FRWD and Rain & Shine to create these matte paintings for WarHeads HotHead commercial campaign. Each visual has the same galaxy background and leads one into another.

Copyright © Ian V / 2018

Ian vicknair matte 01 f

This was the final MP created at 4k. I created this with over 60 images, painting in every lava, clouds, mountains etc. Filling in this lava hole was the biggest challenge.

Ian vicknair landscape fixes

I first started with the landscape formation, and lava hole. Getting my composition set as a plate for the studio to use.


MP images below.

I created a 4k res. volcanic background for this spot. See images below.


I create my very own volcanic planet as a MP. I also had the chance to create the concept piece for the comet vehicle the character is riding. Images Below.

Ian vicknair matte 03

Planet Matte Painting


My star galaxy matte painting was used for this.

Ian vicknair matte 02

Galaxy Matte Painting, created for the overall pieces.