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Hover _ DMP_03+04

Hove _ DMP_02+03
I worked with Gaardhouse studio from Minneapolis on a feature film called "Hover".

I worked within EXR file format and worked on set extensions, plate cleanup, and additional Digital Matte Paint work for certain scenes.
This one was plate cleanup, extension and placing in a burnt house after concept approval. I had to take the original yellow house and turn it into a burnt yellow house. This was extraordinarily fun to create and play with by incorporating textures. With this scene, I needed to replace the distant background work, to be more cohesive.

Ian vicknair before

Plate _ BEFORE

Ian vicknair 16 bit matte p

AFTER _ Plate cleanup. Getting rid of the car, trees, new background, adding clouds, fixing road.

Ian vicknair house burnt

I had to take the yellow house and turn it into a burnt house. This was a big challenge as ive never worked with destruction. As for a first time, it turned out really well.

Ian vicknair scene 06

Final Shot 01

Ian vicknair scene 07

Final Shot 02 _ House in distance

Ian vicknair scene 08

Got my name in my first film!